Anonymous asked: What do you use to edit your photos?

Mostly Lightroom 3.3 ps - thankyou for all the nice messages guys I’ll not answer all the anons but they mean lots :)

Anonymous asked: Nikon or Canon? And explain why?

I think you’d be fine with either, I went with nikon because the d3100 had a more colourful user interface compared to the equivelent canon which appealed to me starting out and from there i stuck with nikon because I already had lenses. But yeah, if one was better than the other there wouldn’t be the whole nikon vs canon thing, they are both great in my eyes :)

ancient tree -

ladybower reservoir - 

photography by

photography by

photography by


photography by

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Anonymous asked: I just got a camera recently and I hope to become an awesome photographer like you one day. Your photos are truly amazing

i love messages like these, get practising and enjoy youreself im sure youll do great :)

like this and i will check your blog out later when im done painting :)

i like houses in the middle of nowhere

the sunset was pretty special tonight

Anonymous asked: you and your tumblr are beautiful.

thankyou very much

water house

broken branch